Provider Directory

Listed below is our directory of providers and mid-providers. Please click on the clinic name to find contact information to that particular clinic.
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Providers Clinic
Allcott, John MD Applegate Medical Associates
Ames, Stephan MD Thurston Medical Clinic
Bailey, Douglas MD Junction City Medical Clinic
Beckwith, Jeffrey MD Springfield Family Practice
Boespflug, Michael MD Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Bokshan, Alyson MD Eugene Pediatric Associates
Bovee, Douglas MD South Hilyard Clinic
Bradshaw, Pilar MD Eugene Pediatric Associates
Buchanan, Patricia MD River Road Medical Group
Copperman, Terry MD South Hilyard Clinic
Cordes, Kathleen MD Wild Rose Medical Clinic
Erde, Alison MD Prevention Plus Clinic
Findlay, Michael MD Sprinfield Family Practice
Gee-Gott, Lana MD Sprinfield Family Practice
Gilbertson, Robyn MD Springfield Family Practice
Gilchrist, Doherty MD Timber Valley Medical Clinic
Hokari, Naoko MD McKenzie Pediatrics
House, Theresa MD Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Huffman, Todd MD McKenzie Pediatrics
Hurtado, Martin MD Inkwell Medical Group
Jackson, Kathleen MD Thurston Medical Clinic
Jacobsen, Kirk MD Oak Street Medical
Jeffrey, Doug MD PrimeCare Partners (Coburg)
Kaplan, Michele MD Thurston Medical Clinic
Knowlton, David MD McKenzie Family Practice
Lebow, John DO McKenzie Family Practice
Leisure, Marketa MD Eugene Pediatric Associates
Lohff-Phillips, Jessica MD Oak Street Medical
Marie, Sally MD Dr. Sally Marie M.D., LLC
Maxwell, Katie MD Oak Street Medical
Meyers, Mark MD Sprinfield Family Practice
Moore, John MD Sprinfield Family Practice
Morely, Alex MD Five Rivers Family Practice
Mossberg, Jane MD Oak Street Medical
Neary, Jane MD McKenzie Family Practice
Nosce, Rachel MD Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Paulson, Daniel MD Springfield Family Practice
Reddy, Neema MD Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Sharrer, John MD McKenzie Family Practice
Steyer, Judy MD Oak Street Medical
Stout, Jonathan MD Oak Street Medical
Stover, Liz MD Springfield Family Physicians
White, John MD Springfield Family Practice
Zallen, Angela MD Eugene Pediatric Associates

Mid-Providers Clinic
Beck, Rebecca FNP Springfield Family Practice
Beck, Rebecca FNP River Road Medical Group
Bolstad, Carlye PA-C Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Borkinson, Mitch FNP Five Rivers Family Practice
Brandon, John PA-C PrimeCare Partners (Veneta)
Colmenero, Alejandro PA-C Timber Valley Medical Clinic
Colmenero, Alejandro PA-C Springfield Family Physicians
Davis, Tish PA-C River Road Medical Group
Dayal, Nandish FNP Springfield Family Physicians
Debroekert, Dirk PA-C River Road Medical Group
Durrant, Jennifer FNP Springfield Family Practice
Fiacco, Regina PA-C River Road Medical Group
Freyermuth, Gretta PA-C PrimeCare Partners (Veneta)
Gonzales, Anthony FNP Springfield Family Physicians
Hakala, Christy PA-C Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Hamilton, Megan FNP-C South Hilyard Clinic
Hillman, Frank PA-C PrimeCare Partners (Veneta)
Kalata, Jennifer PA-C Inkwell Medical Group
Kircheimer, Katelyn FNP Applegate Medical Associates
Konig, Kristen FNP Sprinfield Family Practice
Lang, Wendy NP Bethel Health Center
Lintz, Jan PA-C South Hilyard Clinic
Lutz, JoAnne NP Healing Spirit Integrative Health Center
Marreel, Ashley DNP Springfield Family Practice
Matzoll, Katelyn PA-C Junction City Medical Clinic
McIntire, Alicia PNP Eugene Pediatric Associates
Meisel, H.J. Buz PA-C Eugene Pediatric Associates
Merrick, Jeannie NP Oak Street Medical
Miller, Jillian PA-C Sprinfield Family Practice
Moon, Jordan PA-C Springfield Family Physicians
Olsen, Sagen PA-C River Road Medical Group
Penton, Julie PNP Eugene Pediatric Associates
Reen, Marissa PA-C Santa Clara Medical Clinic
Reerlev, Camille PA-C Junction City Medical Clinic
Schneider, Devon FNP Healing Spirit Integrative Health Center
Skelton, Austin FNP Junction City Medical Clinic
Smith, Cindy ANP PrimeCare Partners (Veneta)
Valenzuela, Eduardo PAC Oak Street Medical
Viner, Trina PA-C Junction City Medical Clinic
Weih, Edwin PA-C Five Rivers Family Practice
Worthington, Skyler PA-C River Road Medical Group
Zimmerman, Dan PA-C PrimeCare Partners (Veneta)